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Founded in 1972, Meadowlark is the oldest private learning center in the greater Northampton area. It is our purpose to provide all children with a nurturing, learning environment that fosters and encourages children’s development.

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Meadowlark serves children from two years, nine months to six years of age.

We offer:

  • Full day program with a morning preschool curriculum.
  • Three, Four or Five Day Option.
    Preferences given to five day enrollments.

The program at Meadowlark allow children to:

  • Choose activities to their interests and capabilities.
  • Be placed with similar aged children in a small group setting which provides more time with our caring teachers.
  • Provide children with opportunities that allow them to broaden their knowledge and experience of the larger community.
  • Explore and challenge their physical abilities in our spacious and well equipped playground.
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